There are thousands of digital content creators,

yet too many aren’t putting enough soul behind their work. It’s easy to snap a photo, check the boxes and send it off to get the job done. But where I hope to stand out amidst the sea of digital creatives is in my ability to convey a sense of richness and depth. Everyday, I brainstorm creative work that connects and inspires the average scroller - to allow him or her to pause and reflect - not just to mindlessly consume.

One can’t produce soulful work without showing some soul. This is why I consciously compounded my personal and professional content under one roof. I hope you feel my passion and distinctiveness when browsing this site.

Let’s work some magic! Below is what I do:

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Social Media Content Creation

Need photography, videography and graphic/branding help? I can help you achieve your branding vision for both your social media and website. I’m well-versed in not only shooting the content but love the creative process in post-production in Adobe Suite. If you like my editing style I can produce social content with my personal twist. If you have your own vision in mind, I can easily adopt and execute it. If you have no idea what kind of branding direction you want to take, let’s work and create something great.

Check my portfolio for some branding and content work I’ve done, as well as influencers I’ve worked with.


Influencer Marketing

If you want me to create content for your brand to post on my personal social media pages and/or blog, I’d love to hear about it. I am rather selective with the brands I work with to ensure I can stick to my genuine approach and put the passion behind the brand that it deserves.

I am particularly interested in hotel and tourism companies, outdoor clothing and lifestyle brands, regular clothing brands, and environmentally sustainable products. However, if you’re not any of those categories but really want to incorporate your brand with travel/outdoor lifestyle content, please reach out! I’d love to hear why you think we’d be a good fit.

Micro influencers are proven to be just as if not more effective than macro influencers for a few reasons, but especially cultivating a sense of trust and sincerity from their audience. I average about 30k impressions per week and have an audience demographic in the US, UK, and Europe. My engagement rates are particularly high for my following (average 10.5%) and, most importantly, I always produce visually pleasing content.


Blog & Print Contributor Writing

Aside from my own travel and lifestyle blog, I also contribute written and visual content to both online and print media.

I was recently on the cover and contributed my photos and writing to US-based, military lifestyle publication Legacy Magazine. My writing has also been published in Thought Catalog.

Check out my Life Journal to view more of my writing. If you enjoy my style and can see my content in your blog or print work, please reach out below!


Travel & Outdoor Photography

If your city or town’s social media visuals need a facelift, I’m your girl.

Check out my Travel Journal for all tourism content.


Love & Lifestyle Photography

As a side project, I photograph love, portraits and families. Capturing the in-between moments, the raw and the real, everything that makes you and your loved one(s) beautifully unique is my favorite way to photograph people.

Check out all of this kind of work under Images.